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3 May 2020

ABC film review - March-May 1953

I've looked before, see below, at The ABC film review magazine (because it contained strips from Eagle and Girl comic)

a). April 1952 is here
b). May 1952 is here
c). June 1952 is here
d). July 1952 is here
e). August 1952 is here
f). September 1952 is here
g). October 1952 is here 
h). November 1952 is here
i). December 1952 is here

I realised recently that there were a few issues that I'd missed off - so here we go, this is a 9 issue Riders of the Range strip called 'Jeff Arnold and the battle of Quitman creek' - so without further ado here we go... 

Here's the March 1953 issue

The April 1953 issue...

The May 1953 issue...

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