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10 July 2020

Mighty Max comic - part 1

A while ago (here) I looked at a 'Mighty Max' comic that I was looking for, all I could find at the time was a reprint in, I think, a Scandinavian language.

Anyway, the good news is that I have now tracked down a copy of the issue and now know where the comic originated from...

So the Mighty Max comic was free with Thunderbirds comic #37 (March 6th-19th 1993), see below and note the very obvious advert for the Mighty Max comic.

The Mighty Max comic commands a real premium (often £20+ and I've seen it advertised, IIRC, at £100+ so if you're looking for a copy then it might be cheaper to look for the Thunderbirds comic and casually enquire if the free gift is still enclosed :)

Anyway, now I have it I'll share these beautiful Sandy James illustrated pages with you - come back soon for the concluding part of Mighty Max comic  

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