7 August 2020

Artist sketchbooks - part 1

I've enjoyed looking at the various programmes that have been produced to support all sorts of comic conventions over the years - one of the highlights for me in attending such a show is to meet the artists and to (just maybe) come away with an example of their art. If you can't afford a piece of original artwork then maybe a sketchbook from them is the next best thing? So here are the sketchbooks that I've tracked down so far... 

Glenn Fabry sketchbook 1

I looked in more detail at this sketchbook here and here

Glenn Fabry sketchbook 2

currently available to buy (not from me!) here

Glenn Fabry sketchbook 3

currently available to buy (not from me!) here

Cam Kennedy sketchbook 1

Cam Kennedy sketchbook 2
I looked at these sketchbooks in more detail here

Come back tomorrow for more sketchbooks!

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