31 July 2020

2004 - charity deck of trump cards, part 1

I've previously looked at the great spin-off 'decks of cards' that Kev Sutherland put together for the comics festivals he ran in the early '00s. So far I've looked at... 

The (2001) hearts suit of cards is here
The (2001) diamonds suit of cards is here
The (2001) clubs suit of cards is here
The (2001) spades suit of cards is here

He then repeated the exercise in 2003... 
Part 1 of the 2003 deck of cards is here
Part 2 of the 2003 deck of cards is here

Part 3 of the 2003 deck of cards is here

And the 2003 London (winter) comics festival here
And then some extra items here
And then the cards from the 2003 London (winter) comics festival here

A number of these images have been provided thanks to friend of the blog Simon Miller. One of the image he sent was the one below showing his collection of the cards.

The image on the right was of interest because it gave me the best 'evidence' that a final deck of cards existed. I'd previously been alerted to its existence by friend of the blog Ewan Brownlow, he'd provided me with the images below 

Not a bad start but not it left a lot of cards to find! Luckily Simon has filled in all the gaps in one fell swoop :) So here's part 1 of my look at the 2004 Bristol charity deck of trump cards... 

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