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25 July 2020

Kev Sutherland's comic festivals - extras!

I've previously looked at the great spin-off 'decks of cards' that Kev Sutherland put together for the comics festivals he ran in the early '00s. So far I've looked at... 

The (2001) hearts suit of cards is here
The (2001) diamonds suit of cards is here
The (2001) clubs suit of cards is here
The (2001) spades suit of cards is here

He then repeated the exercise in 2003... 
Part 1 of the 2003 deck of cards is here
Part 2 of the 2003 deck of cards is here

Part 3 of the 2003 deck of cards is here

And the 2003 London (winter) comics festival here

Thanks to that post some more images have come to light - let's see what we've now got...
1). The original art for the DR & Quinch images from the 2003 deck of Christmas cards (so from the London 2003 festival)
...and the cards that they became...

2). A number of the original illustrations have now been supplied to me, let's see what's here...

David Hitchcock (from the Bristol 2003 set)

Simon Coleby (from the Bristol 2003 set - although this card didn't feature in my posts about that set)

Frazer Irving (from the Bristol 2003 set)

Mike Collins (from the Bristol 2003 set)

Chris Weston (from the Bristol 2001 set)

Mark Buckingham (from the Bristol 2003 set)

Gary Spender Millidge (from the Bristol 2001 set)

Kev Sutherland (from the Bristol 2001 set)

3). Steve Marchant has found his artwork for his contribution to the London 2003 festival - he says "...I dug out the charity card design that Kev Sutherland invited me to do for the London Comic Festival in 2003. We could do any type of card so I decided to do an addition to the Land of the Giants cards I'd enjoyed collecting as a boy. They featured either a still from the show or a cast member on one side, and a comic strip installment on the reverse. I took the opportunity of basing Spindrift on the ship in the show, rather than the incorrect 'airplane' design on the original cards"

4). a t-shirt!

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