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Sunday, 22 October 2017

Guide to the Fleetway House

Here's an oddity I picked up a while ago...while some of it is clearly silly, I see no reason why the telephone numbers and job titles shouldn't be real. I'd be interested to hear other people's opinions.

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Rockfist Rogan - the novels

To celebrate completing my 'collection' of Rockfist Rogan novels I thought I'd share the covers of these rare volumes with you...

For those not in the know Rockfist was an RAF fighter and champion boxer who appeared in The Champion, a boys story paper from the Amalgamated Press (which ran from 28/01/22 to 19/03/55). The stories were written by 'Hal Wilton' (actually legendary British comics writer Frank S. Pepper - creator of Roy of the Rovers and Captain Condor).

There were 3 'tie-in' books published
Rockfist Rogan
Rockfist in the kingdom of the Khan
Rockfist at the North Pole

The stories in this volume are as follows:
The jet-plane spy
Hunting the Hawk
Peril in the explosives factory
What's wrong with Rockfist?
The gold pirates
A shock for Rockfist
A Goal0Break
The land of skulls
The truth about the Tortillo affair

All of these were originally published in The Champion
The book is 135 pages long and the cover picture is from a painting by R. Simmons

Painting is, again, by R. Simmons. Stories had appeared [in their original forms it says - suggesting that perhaps they've been re-written for this novelisation] in The Champion.
There's an ad in the back of here for the 'Rockfist Club', it says " enrol and obtain the fine badge together with a Membership Card and a free copy of the Rockfist Gen Book all you need do is send 1/6 and a stamped self addressed envelop to the Secretary of the Rockfist club c/o Stuart Pepper & Son, London Road, Billericay, Essex"

Painting is, again, by R. Simmons. Stories had appeared [in their original forms it says - suggesting that perhaps they've been re-written for this novelisation] in The Champion.

Advertised but not appearing titles were
Rockfist King of the cannibals
Rockfist Rohan - Spy Hunter

All 3 novels are undated and normally cost £20-£30 in their dustwarppers.

Friday, 20 October 2017

Charley's War artwork for sale

Over here on ebay there's a rare opportunity to acquire all 3 pages of a single episode of Joe Colquhoun and Pat Mills masterpiece, Charley's war. These pages depict a time in the story when, sickened by having to be part of a firing squad, Charley enlists as a stretcher bearer to try and save lives rather than taking lives.

The full muddy, bloody, insanely detailed art that you'd expect is there for all to see - opening bids are from £2,100 - good luck!

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Ian Kennedy artwork for sale - Lion cover

Ending later on today (on a well-known internet auction site) is this mid-1960s cover for Lion, the link is here and the art is by Ian Kennedy... this being from 50+ years ago this cover is from towards the beginning of Ian's (still ongoing!) career. Ian's artwork is rarely offered for auction and I've certainly never seen one of his covers for sale before.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Frankenstein, Texas - last chance to back

Just a reminder about this project - it ends at 3:36PM today - last chance to back this amazing looking project....

Ok, so this looks great, so thought I'd share if here, it's called "Frankenstein, Texas" and it's billed as a 48 page horror western and it's available to back here on Kickstarter right now.

I'll let creators David Hitchcock (art) and Dan Whitehead (script) tell you more about it...

What if Mary Shelley's famous gothic novel was a lie? What if Victor Frankenstein paid Captain Walton to announce both he and his creation had perished and vanished in the Arctic? What if instead the pair headed west, across Europe, to Ireland and from there to the new world? To America?
That's the concept behind Frankenstein, Texas, a 48-page horror western graphic novel from writer Dan Whitehead (Hex Loader, Midwinter) and Eagle Award winning artist David Hitchcock (Springheeled Jack, The Signal Man).

This is a tale of action and adventure, but also a story that explores ideas of damnation and salvation, of fresh starts and bitter ends, and what it takes to atone for the deadliest of sins.
At the heart of the story is the complex relationship between Frankenstein and his creation. The man, constantly wrestling with the knowledge that he created life from death, and the monster, heartbroken by the violence that rages inside him, and determined to prevent his "father" from repeating the mistakes of the past.

Frankenstein, Texas is written by Dan Whitehead. An author, journalist and scriptwriter, Dan has over 20 years experience in professional publishing. Among the titles he has written are two official Star Wars books, comic adaptations of Poe's Fall of the House of Usher, Jason and the Argonauts and Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, and the children's historical science fiction novel Atlanta meets the Cotton Slaves. He has also written scripts for video games and television, and most recently self-published the retro gaming supernatural comic book Hex Loader and post-apocalyptic thriller Midwinter.

The artist on Frankenstein, Texas is 2006 Eagle Award winner David Hitchcock.  His past work includes The Visible Man with Pat Mills for 2000AD, the award-winning Madam Samurai, Springheeled Jack, Whitechapel Freak and a graphic novel adaptation of Charles Dickens' classic ghost story The Signal Man.

This campaign is to primarily fund the art for a complete 48-page graphic novel. Although we are calling this "Volume 1" that's because there are more stories we want to tell in this setting with (some of) these characters. To say any more would spoil the story, but suffice to say that the book being funded has a beginning, a middle and an emotionally satisfying ending. There will be no cliff-hanger, no expectation for you to buy the next book. Obviously that would be lovely (please do that) but this is written as a story which stands by itself, as well as setting the stage for future adventures.

The script is complete and work has already begun on the interior pages - as you can see in the images here. This campaign is to raise the funds to pay for David's time to complete the rest of the book. Money has already been set aside for lettering and printing.

I've already backed it, why don't you?

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Collecting Jane of the Daily Mirror - part 3

Concluding look at collections of Jane (of the Daily Mirror)

Originally published in 2004 (and reprinted in 2005 by Pen & Sword Military) this book doesn't include any complete Jane strips but, instead, focuses on the military side of Jane. Contains many photographs, including a selection of Christabel Leighton-Porter posing, artistically, for Jane.

Published by Titan Books in 2009 collects a year's worth of black and white strips as well as some rare, full -colour strips.

Collection of strips, in a slip-cover containing 4 strips...
The day war broke out - 03/09/39
Land girl - 05/05/41
Married by proxy - 07/10/43
Summer idle - 25/06/43

The classic telephone directory sized volume (from 1976) collection of Jane strips that covers the whole of the second World War.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Modesty Blaise artwork for sale

Just a quick shout -out for an auction happening on Saturday 21st October c/o East Bristol Auctions (here) that I've been alerted to via a Modesty Blaise mailing list I'm on....

I am mailing you to alert you to a request you will have recieved from Anna Gow, fund-raiser for St. Peter's Hospice, Bristol, UK.  I have rcently donated to the Hospice a set of 6 original Modesty Blaise London Evening Standard strip panels.  These belonged to Paul Woods, a long-time member of the group.  He chose them to represent favourite aspects of the strip characters, and to represent the work of all 5 artists who drew for the strip over the years.

They will be going up for auction on Saturday 21 October.

A local auction house (East Bristol Auctions) are handling the items for the Hospice, website shown below.  All of their items can be bid on online and the catalogue for the relevant sale is already available to view.

Would you please be able to make your membership aware so that they can view and bid on the items if they would like to.

The Hospice provided fantastic care and support to Paul during his last year, and I would naturally like the panels to fetch a good price for the Hospice funds.  But equally importantly, I really want those panels to go to someone who enjoys and admires the work of Peter O'Donell as much as Paul did.

The current bid is £85 - which sounds like a steal for these 6 strips....

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Are you Nuts for this Kickstarter?

The ever productive Etherington Brothers have launched another kick-starter campaign here, as they themselves say...Monkey Nuts 2 is the madcap sequel to The Etherington Brothers' all-ages comedy adventure comic book Monkey Nuts. It is a 76 page full colour softcover book measuring 11.6 x 8.2 inches. The series follows Sid and Rivet, a Monkey/Robot crime fighting team doing their best to defeat a never-ending stream of crackpot weirdos on an island smack-bang in the centre of the Bermuda Triangle. It is the most ridiculous series we ever made. Both Monkey Nuts books were completed nearly a decade ago, but book 2 has NEVER been published … until NOW! What more incentive do you need? I'm off to back it right now...

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Will this Dandy break all records?

Over on a popular auction site right now there's the opportunity to acquire what will probably be the most expensive Dandy comic ever sold...

It can be found here and is for a copy of the already vanishingly rare Dandy #2 (albeit hardly in mint condition) but accompanying it is a copy (again, not in mint condition) of the free jumping frog that was given away as a free gift with this issue of the Dandy.

So, if you have a 5 figure sum burning a hole in your pocket you've got until 8pm on Sunday evening to think of something better to do with it...

Friday, 13 October 2017

Millsverse publishes Psycho Killer

Pat Mils' publishing imprint has ANOTHER new title out (the Judge Dredd colouring book only came out about 2 days ago and already they're onto the next title)...anyway, as it says here...

ARE YOU READY FOR YOUR DEMONIC IRRIGATION? Doctor Morbus, the PsychoKiller, will see you now. A Ouija board session to summon 1950s gangster Liquid Lenny goes horribly right. Lily the Fink starts acting weirder than usual. Mary Anne’s boyfriend is brutally murdered in his own bathroom, and she develops a sudden penchant for doo-wop music and beehive hairdo’s. Timid Jamie Anderson saw something that night. He knows Mary Anne needs urgent medical help. And there’s only one doctor qualified to give it…

Writers Pat Mills and Tony Skinner have collaborated on Finn, Accident Man and ABC Warriors. Pat created 2000AD and co-created Slaine, Nemesis The Warlock, ABC Warriors, Requiem Vampire Knight, and more. Tony has written Punisher 2099, Ravage 2099, and more. Horror artist extraordinaire Dave Kendall has illustrated comics for Metallica and Necroscope, and worked on World of Warcraft trading cards. He illustrated Houses of the Holy for motion comic Madefire, and co-created Dreams of Deadworld, a Dark Judges series, for 2000AD.

Psycho Killer appeared in the following issues of Toxic:12-14 & 26-29 [there were 31 issues in total]. This volume is advertised here as being 72 pages long - I've just done a quick count-up of the page count for the 7 issues that appeared in Toxic and that only gets you to approx. 50 pages, so maybe we can look forward to some new material in this volume?

Anyway, to remind you who the story began, here's the first page of the strip from Toxic #12...