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15 October 2018

Elvis Presley original art from Look-In by Arthur Ranson

At London's Orbital Comics there's the chance (if you've got, IIRC, £400 burning a hole in your pocket) to get hold of some original art from Look-In by legendary artist Arthur Ranson - here's his take on Elvis Presley

14 October 2018

The Beatles - Arthur Ranson original art

Original art from Look-In by Arthur Ranson - currently on sale at £600 (IIRC) at London's Orbital Comics

13 October 2018

Maze World art by Arthur Ranson - part 1

Maze World pages from 2000ad courtesy of the pen of Arthur Ranson - currently for sale at (IIRC) £400 a page at London's Orbital comics.

12 October 2018

'Harriet Romancing' - by Dan Dare artist Desmond Walduck

Inspired by a posting the other night of an unusual piece of art by Dan Dare artist Desmond Walduck I had a look on ebay to see what else might be out there and I stumbled across this piece of art...

My main exposure to Desmond Walduck is his art on the 'Prisoners of Space' Dan Dare strip which, when compared to the astounding quality achieved by Frank Hampson and Don Harley looks very bland indeed. 

So this (and the nude from the other evening) are a revelation and shine a very different light on Walduck and highlight his artistic talent. 

11 October 2018

Brian Bolland's bizarre weight watch programme strip

As promised yesterday he's another excerpt from Graphixus #4. This is a 4 page strip dedicated to a bizarre 'weight watching' programme propagated by a swastika wearing dominatrix figure on poor Bonny. This is the most repeatable page, the others are even racier.  

10 October 2018

Brian Bolland's early work on Little Nympho

Picked up a copy of Graphixus #4 (June/July 1978) and I was pleased to discover that it contained one of Brian Bolland's very earliest strips, Little Nympho - this particular strip is dated 1971 (when Brian would have been 20) 
Graphixus #4 is widely available on that ebay and it contains an even more eye-popping example of Brian's work - expect to see that on the blog tomorrow...

9 October 2018

David Hitchcock - Victorain Gothic kickstarter launches

David Hitchcock has launched a Kickstarter campaign here to raise funds for, as he puts it himself...

I've always loved drawing and reading comics. Even from an early age I used to copy from all the big US comic artists, the likes of Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko and many other industry greats. This art book will showcase many Illustrations I have done over the years, along with a small selection devoted to my early efforts that have somehow managed to survive my childhood, up to the work Im producing right now as we speak. The work within the book will showcase my own creations and images, except for a handful of commission pieces which I am particularly fond of.

More than 12 years ago I somehow won a prestigious Eagle Award, here in the UK, for one of my self published comics SPRINGHEELED JACK. Indeed, most of the work I create is of a Victorian gothic taste. This style became my calling card, and this art book will be predominantly of the same flavour. I want you to love this art book so every effort will strive to make it, and the rewards something to look back on in years to come. 

This book is half done, many of the illustrations may have been seen in various stages of completion, many still need to be plucked from my fevered brain, but rest assured that the delivery date will be honoured to the best of my ability. The book will consist of a few short comic stories interspersed with the single showcase illustrations. I've given myself a few months to complete.

The campaign is already 95% funded - with a copy of the book available from £15 (plus postage) and original art (plus book, and signed prints) pledges at only £60.

I really like David's work and am slowly catching up on stuff that I've missed in the past, I'll be backing this and hope you will too.

8 October 2018

More original Billy Bunter art up for sale

I know I've flagged up this seller before but they continue to sell fantastic Billy Bunter artwork - there's 5 more currently up for sale - but hurry, they all end tonight at 7pm.

This one is here

And here

And here

And here

And finally here

Arthur Ranson @ Orbital Comics

A few images from Friday night's signing with Arthur Ranson at London's Orbital comics

Arthur (in grey top) chatting to a fan as the rest of us in the queue look on enviously

Arthur signing away...

Print for sale...

It was the longest queue I can recall at an Orbital Comics signing (the bloke in front of me had come from Wolverhampton for the afternoon just for this).

7 October 2018

a Jock signing is announced

Gosh comics have just announced a special Halloween signing featuring renowned (Judge Dredd and The Losers) artist Jock and the writer Ram V
As it says here on their website...
Come join our evening of Halloween fun on Wednesday the 31st of October at 6-7pm as Jock and Ram V sign their latest works,  Wytches: Bad Egg Halloween Special and Batman: The Secret Files #1! - Serving as both a stand-alone story in the Wytches world and a prequel to the highly anticipated Wytches Vol 02, Bad Egg tells the story of Seb and Jackson - two innocent teenagers reared on opposite sides of the eternal struggle between good and evil.
Jock really needs no introduction: a British comics legend, whose work has stamped its influence on both the comics and cinematic worlds alike. From 2000AD, to The Losers, to Green Arrow, to Batman, to Wytches, his striking style looms large in the cultural landscape.
Mumbai-born Ram V is one of the hottest writers in the industry right now, bringing a host of Indian artistic talent with him on projects like Black Mumba, Paradiso, These Savage Shores and Grafity’s Wall. His eye for talent and natural gift for storytelling have really marked him out as one to watch.
Jock and Ram will be here on Halloween, the 31st October from 6-7pm!
If you'd like something signed but can't make it down on the day, please drop us a line at for mail order or collection. 

6 October 2018

The Monster club is back from your nightmares

The one man publishing industry that is Dez Skinn has just launched his new title...
If you search facebook for 'House of Hammer magazine' you should find the details for this - as you'll see from the blurb that this is a strictly limited edition of 100 copies (of 32 page Monster goodness). Try not to have nightmares now people!

5 October 2018

Arthur Ranson is at Orbital Comics tonight!

Don't forget that the signing and launch of 'The Art of Arthur Ranson' is tonight!

Updated information is shown thus

Orbital Comics are holding an exhibition, signing and launch for 'The art of Arthur Ranson'.  It's now been revealed that the exhibition spans Arthur's illustrious career. From his early biographical strips of The Beatles and Elvis Presley which featured in cult seventies British pop culture magazine Look In, moving on through beautiful fully painted pages from 2000 AD's PSi Judge Anderson, to covers and pages featuring other Ranson creations Button Man and the aforementioned Mazeworld

As previously mentioned Orbital have also announced that to further mark the occasion, renowned fine art print house Blacklist Editions will be producing two limited edition prints featuring Psi Judge Anderson exclusive to Orbital. Details as follows:
Acrylic Screen Prints
1: One colour; 
2: CMYK 4 colour separation

on 310 gsm Southbank Paper
70cm X 50cm
Edition of 50
Signed and numbered

Orbital have now announced that in addition, Arthur has furnished us with dozens of recent sketches featuring his own creations as well as other comic characters, all of which will be available to purchase.

As you'll see from the above poster the signing & launch are on Friday 5th October and the exhibition runs for a month. Sounds good - see you there?

4 October 2018

David Pugh's lost dinosaur strip for Toxic - part 3 of 3

Two spectacular images from David Pugh to finish off this glimpse at what should have been a fantastic dinosaur strip...

3 October 2018

Minnie - 65 years of minxing

It's here! As the DC Thomson website says...
Celebrate 65 years of Minnie the Minx with our 68 page special! We cover everything from the story of her creation in 1953, to the artists who have illustrated her adventures, and finally to her rise to Beano cover star today! With behind the scenes secrets and specially selected reprints from the archive, this is the definitive story of the world's most famous Minx!

1 October 2018

Eagle 100 merchandise

To celebrate new Eagle reaching issue 100 there were prizes to be won, I was reading new Eagle in 1984 but I didn't enter the competition at the time so I was very pleased to pick this up years later... 

It's hard to read but it says...
"Dear Reader, 
Congratulations! Enclosed is the prize you have won for being selected as a winner of "Eagle's 100 freebies" Competition.

May I also take this opportunity of thanking you for the loyal support you have given our publication since its relaunch in 1982.

Best wishes,

Your Friend,

The Editor"

Here's the cover of new Eagle #100 (dated 18th February 1984) 

Here's the advert from inside #100 - t-shirts were given away first and then the Eagle100 pens (which I've never seen)