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15 December 2018

Terry Bave's Whacko comic

I was saddened the other day to read (here) of the death of British humour comics stalwart Terry Bave. As a lad I read his work in (my brother's copy of) Whizzer & Chips but I probably became most interested in his work when I discovered some unique try-out strips he'd drawn for a comic that never made it to the newsstand, Whacko.

I tell the full story here so I won't go into it all again but I will share some of Terry's unique characters with you here...

You should see that Terry has signed each of the final panels.

14 December 2018

Ron Embleton's Illustrators special - more details released

The end of the year is shaping up to be a good time for all fans of Ron Embleton's art. 

As well as the chance, in January, to seeing a very different side of Ron Embleton's art being displayed at Messum's gallery in London there's also the Illustrators Special that I first mentioned here. The Book Palace have now put up some of the pages from the special and it's shaping up to look great (and not a little racy!) 

Priced at £25 it's due in mid-December and is available to pre-order here 

13 December 2018

Carlos Ezquerra draws Johnny Red

The cover that Carlos Ezquearra draw for the Johnny Red series for Titan Comics is up for sale on ebay (here) but the auction ends tonight so this is your last chance to buy this unique piece...

12 December 2018

Charley's War covers by Joe Colquhoun

There's a great chance to pick up some original Joe Colquhoun art on that there ebay, a couple of covers to be precise, the first is my favourite of the two as it's so much more dramatic

This ends on Thursday evening (is available here) and bids are now (Tuesday evening) are up to a very reasonable £350

This is available here and finishes on Thursday evening - opening bid is £700, good luck if you bid on this

11 December 2018

Last 24 hours to save Striker

There's just 24 hours left on Pete Nash's ambitions kickstarter project for issues 13-24 of his Striker comic, don't forget to pledge...

Pete Nash has just launched (here) his ambitions campaign to fund the production of issues 13-24 of his new Striker comic. Pete's previously used Kickstarter to raise funds for issue 1-12 of the comic, that campaign was raising about a £1,000 a day until the last couple of days when a lot of pledges were made, pushing the total to over £40,000.

This time Pete has set himself an even more ambitious goal - £45,000 in 14 days. That's a big total in not much time. The good news? Day one on the Kickstarter has been amazing with, as I type this, over £14,000 already pledged.

Good luck with it Pete, I'll be backing this.

Striker first appeared in November, 1985, as a black-and white, three-panel comic strip in The Sun, Britain’s biggest-selling newspaper. In 1998 it became the first comic strip in the world to be created in 3D animation software. 
It now occupies a third of a page in the paper, seven days a week. The only character from the very first story who still features is the hero Nick Jarvis, who started as a young footballer and is now the CEO of British club Warbury Warriors. He’s married to the club’s beautiful billionaire owner, Li Ming. 
We’re almost at the end of our first 12 weekly comics - and we’re back on Kickstarter to raise funds for issues 13 to 24! So far nearly 3,000 fans have enjoyed each digital or print issue of the football-themed comic, with its gripping mix of hard drama and wild comedy. 

The football action in Striker is shown free every week as animated highlights on Striker’s official website - - and Striker’s Planet Striker channel on YouTube.  
After watching the games, fans can catch up with all the results, match reports, features, stats and league tables in the following week’s comic.
Every 32-page issue also features 13 pages of the main serialised comic strip plus three pages of a strip focusing on young academy players. Striker is available worldwide in a weekly digital format that can be downloaded or read online, or you can have printed copies delivered to your door every week.  
Warbury fell out with the Football Association and FIFA last year and formed a breakaway world football league, made up of an initial 12 teams that has now grown to 16. But the football authorities declared that anyone and any club joining it will be banned from officially-sanctioned football for life.  
The other World League teams are: Shamrockers (Ireland), Brecknock Dragons (Wales), Highland Terriers (Scotland), Prague Pulsars (Czech Republic), Spartiates (Greece), Bucharest Vampires (Romania), Lagos Gold Stars (Nigeria) Kampala Kickers (Uganda), Mombasa Mambas (Kenya), Sun City Tigers (India), Hong Kong Heat, Darwin Crocceroos (Australia), Lima Incas (Peru), Acapulco Aztecs (Mexico) and St Louis United (United States).  
If the World League survives a current money-laundering scandal, it will expand to 20 teams next season and will ultimately have multiple divisions.  
Our ambition is to develop the animation and create an online social game in which fans become members of a World League club - and have a say in the running of it. Members will be able to have online debates and then vote in decisive polls to influence activities like team selections and tactics, the hiring and firing of managers, and the buying and selling of players. Decisions they make will be reflected positively or negatively in their team’s odds for upcoming fixtures.
Risks and challenges
Having successfully completed and fulfilled the first 12 issues of the weekly Striker comic, backers should have confidence that we will be able to deliver on our promises.
The only risk that could prevent or delay fulfilment is in the event of something happening to a key member of our small team.

8 December 2018

Wildcat - Turbo Jones, now with even more Ian Kennedy

The Treasury of British Comics imprint have announced that they'll be offering (here) a special edition of the Turbo Jones reprint volume complete with a sign Ian Kennedy print (limited to 100 copies) - this is what the whole package will look like...

Also don't forget that...

Forbidden Planet have announced that (original editor) Barrie Tomlinson and British comics legend Ian Kennedy will be making a joint appearance to help launch the Turbo Jones reprint from Wildcat comic
As it says here...
In 2488 Earth history professor, Turbo Jones predicted that the planet would be destroyed in 2500 by a vast meteoroid storm. Ridiculed by the world’s leaders, Turbo spent the next twelve years constructing a huge spaceship and employing a group of volunteers to help him leave the Earth and find a new home in the stars…
After months in space, Turbo and his senior staff including former mercenary Loner, the mysterious Kitten Magee and the last survivor of Xgangbe-4, Joe Alien, have found a potential new home. Now they need to get down onto the planet and make sure that it is safe for the five hundred colonists and livestock aboard the Wildcat…
Ian Kennedy has illustrated a host of favourite titles, including M.A.C.H 1 and Judge Dredd for 2000AD, Timequake for Starboard, Dan Dare for the revived Eagle, Turbo Jones for Wildcat, Marvel’s Blake’s 7 and covers for Starblazer. He’s also painted covers for the annual RAF Leuchars Air Show programmes, and still produces covers for Commando.
Barrie Tomlinson’s writing credits include Death Wish, Survival, Dan Dare, Ghost Squad and S.O.S for Eagle, and Scorer for the Daily Mirror. He was the second editor of the long-running sports-themed comic Tiger, the first and longest serving editor of Roy of the Rovers, guiding Roy's career for several decades, and responsible for the creation of the short-lived but fondly remembered Scream!
The signing is being held at Forbidden Planet megastore in Newcastle on Saturday 5th January 2019 1-2pm - if you can't make it then not to worry as you can pre-order a signed copy here for £14.99 plus £3 postage. 

7 December 2018

Is it Lord Snooty and his pals?

From the 'The they think it's all over annual' we now have Lord Snooty and his pals or do we?

6 December 2018

24 panels launches at Gosh comics tonight

This is tonight - don't forget folks!

24 panels - an anthology to aid PTSD needs of survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire officially launches at Gosh comics (in London) on Thursday December 6th...and there'll be a tonne of creators there on the night...
As Gosh themselves say...

We will be marking the launch of the new Grenfell Tower benefit comic 24 Panels with a launch party to make as much noise as possible about this incredible fundraising project. We will have a huge roster of contributors here on Thursday December 6th, 7-9pm, including Kieron Gillen, Tula Lotay, Ram V, Paul Cornell, Al Ewing, Dan Watters, Caspar Wijngaard, Rachael Smith, Dilraj Mann, Sara Kenney, Gavin Mitchell, Sarah Gordon, Sean Azzopardi, Pablo Clark, Leigh Alexander, Paul Swain, Trevor Boyd, Mike Garley, Erika Price, Gwen Kortsen, Angela Wraight, Drew Wills & Gen Ainslow.
The tragedy of the June 2017 Grenfell Tower fire still leaves its physical and psychological scars on London, from the site itself to the after-effects on those who witnessed it, survived it, and lost their loved ones to it. The 24 Panels anthology has been created as a complement to the 24 Stories prose anthology, and like that project is a fundraising effort for those survivors who have been affected by PTSD in the wake of the disaster.

“On the night of 14th June 2017, a fire engulfed the 24-storey Grenfell Tower in west London, killing at least 72 people and injuring many more. An entire community was destroyed. 

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a condition that affects many people who have experienced traumatic events, leaving them unable to move on.

For those directly affected by the Grenfell Tower fire, the psychological scars may never fully heal but in the hands of skilled professionals who specialise in the treatment of psychological trauma, they can be helped and gradually lives can be transformed.

In the immediate aftermath of the fire, the focus was rightly placed on providing food, shelter and health care for those left homeless - but it is important that we don't lose sight of the psychological impact this fire has had on its survivors. 
Following the successful and highly regarded 24 Stories anthology this is a parallel comic book project promoting themes of hope, community, positivity and unity in aid of PTSD related needs of Grenfell Tower survivors.”

24 Panels, edited by Kieron Gillen, Rhona Martin and Steve Thompson, features 24 stories, each no longer than 24 panels. Half drawn from professional creators who volunteered their time and half drawn from open submissions, project contributors include Alan Moore, Al Ewing, Sara Kenney, Alex De Campi, Laurie Penny, Paul Cornell, Dilraj Mann, Antony Johnston, Lizz Lunney, Leigh Alexander, Dan Watters, Ram V., Melinda Gebbie, Doug Braithwaite, Jan Wijngaard, Ted Brandt, Ro Stein, Gavin Mitchell, Rachael Smith, Dilraj Mann, Robin Hoelzemann, Tom Humberstone and Sarah Gordon.

We’re also very pleased to be able to announce the sale on the night of a very limited number of A3 prints of Tula Lotay and Dee Cunniffe’s cover artwork, each signed by the book’s contributors, and there will also be a special fundraising auction of a framed A1 print of the art signed by contributors. All sales on the prints will be donated to the 24 Panels cause.

5 December 2018

A collector's guide to Robin comic spin-off books

I've long collected the Eagle comic spin-off novels (like Dan Dare on Mars and Storm Nelson and the Sea Leopard) but I've also branched out and collected the equivalent from Swift and Girl (blog postings for another day!) 

The 4th title in the Hulton press range of titles was Robin - the title aimed at youngest readers. Perhaps because of this Robin is the least collected (and documented) of the Hulton titles. 

Recently I came across a title I'd never seen before and in trying to research the Robin spin-off books more discovered that there wasn't really anywhere obvious to go, so I thought I should just present all the Robin spin-off books (rather than annuals) I have here...

Illustrators are as follows:
Yellow - Jenetta Vise and David Walsh
White - Evelyn Cuthbertson, Nina Ross
Pink - Marcia Lane Foster and Paddie Spratley
Orange - Eccles Williams and Sabin Schweitzer
no colour - not to hand so no details, sorry

Publication dates are:
Yellow - 1960
White - 1960
Pink - 1961
Orange - 1961
no colour - 1959

Bible stories (Old and New testament) are illustrated by Ann and Janet Johnstone 

Both volumes published 1961...lovely wraparound covers

This is the new book I bought, unlike all the books above (which are small hardback books, 150-160 pages long) this is softback, 32 pages long 

I've tried to give an indication in the difference in size between this slim paperback volume and the 'chunkier' hardback story book.

4 December 2018

Lineker of the Rovers has lift-off!

Roy of the Rovers artist Mike White helps to ridicule Gary Lineker's time at Grampus 8 in Japan...

3 December 2018

John Gillatt cover art

My recent scans of the best of Roy of the Rovers monthly got me thinking about what John Gillatt covers I have, so here they are...I'm excluding comic covers for this and it's just the items I own, there's plenty more stuff out there... 

This is a particularly interesting items, more details tomorrow...