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14 August 2018

Brian Lewis art for Strips 78

From the pages of the (A5 sized) programme that was produced for Strips 78 here are Brian Lewis's contributions... 

13 August 2018

Rare Ron Turner comics for sale

John Lawrence (publisher of fab retro fanzine, Space Ace) has been in touch to say that he's recently unearthed a small cache of the Ron Turner comics he produced in the 1980s...

He says..
If you're unfamiliar with them they were b/w publications in the American comic book format 
Nick Hazard - a cross between Dan Dare and Rick Random (33 pages)
Note: This is NOT the story currently being printed in Spaceship Away!
Kalgan the Golden -  an adaptation of a short sf story by E.C. Tubb.(28 pages)
Both have fully-painted colour covers by Ron.

If interested, I have copies for sale at £4.95 each or both for £8.95 including postage.
As usual, if paying through PayPal, via  please ensure you tick the 'for friends and family'  box to avoid unnecessary charges.

Sounds like a good opportunity to catch up with these titles. 

12 August 2018

Beano exhibition closes today at V&A muesum

Last chance to see this exhibition as it closes today people...

Beano fans are surely spoilt for choice at the moment, not only has the McManus Gallery in Dundee been taken over by them, and the gallery re-branded as the McMenace, but a small corner of London has been given over to all things Beano...

In case you're not sure where I am, I was in the Victoria & Albert Museum in South Kensignton

11 August 2018

Forktail to gig at Orbital comics

Forktail are gigging at Orbital comics in August
I hadn't of them either but I see that they contain 2000ad artists Simon Davis, Frazer Irving and Boo Cook and that they'll be doing a signing in the afternoon (3-5pm) and then gigging at 8pm.

They have a facebook page here where you can find out more about how their macabre cinematic soundscapes redefine uneasy listening.  

10 August 2018

Dan Boultwood signing at Forbidden Planet is announced

To celebrate Dan Boultwood's recently announced signing at Forbidden Planet (London) on Saturday 25th August 2018 at 1pm in honour of  
it's Dan Boultwood day on the blog!

For those who haven't read it, it's described thus...
Driving through the British countryside, unthinkingly misogynistic space scientist, Dr. Boy Brett, and his companion, Doris Night, pop into a quaint village pub for a cheese ploughman’s...

This is definitely how it starts but hardly does justice to the tale that follows.

You can pre-order a signed copy here and an unsinged copy here

Dan Boultwood has also drawn the cover for 'Tales from the Tardis' (see below), and I thought I'd see what other art by him I could lay my hands on...

The collected 'It Came!' published by Titan Books (March 2014) - this collects the 4 issue series 'It Came!' - Dan's ace retro sf tale

From The Phoenix (issue 166, 7 Mar 2015) we have the first episode of Dirk Lloyd - the dark Lord (described as by Dan Boultwood, created by Dave Morris and Jamie Thompson)

Example page of Dan's art

Also from the Phoenix, here we have, from issue 181 (20 June 2015), Squid Squad

9 August 2018

Athena - the story of a goddess - launch at Gosh announced

This is tonight people - don't forget...

Gosh comics have announced a launch party for Isabel and Imogen Greenberg's Athena - the story of a goddess. The party is Thursday August 9th 7-9pm

As it says here ….
The sibling creative team of Imogen and Isabel Greenberg will be here on Thursday 9th August, 7-9pm, to celebrate the release of their new Bloomsbury children's book Athena: The Story of a Goddess!
Off the back of the success of their Discover... collaborations, touring through the ancient worlds of Egypt, Greece, and the Roman and Aztec Empires, the Greenberg sisters are going mythological, spotlighting the most powerful woman in the Greek pantheon: Athena, goddess of wisdom, war and courage!
The Adventures of Athena, from her extraordinary birth - sprung from the head of her father, in the midst of a thunderous headache - to her refusal to take no for an answer. Find out how she inspired powerful gods, goddesses and humans and the terrifying fate of those who dared to cross her path.
Prepare to be amazed as you uncover the story of one of the most fearless ancient goddesses, and the tales of a world where humans, gods and goddesses could meet. Illustrated and written by the brilliantly talented sister duo, Isabel and Imogen Greenberg, this is a story of daring for goddesses-in-the-making.
Imogen and Isabel will be here to toast the release of their book on Thursday 9th August, 7-9pm. If you can't make it but would like a signed copy, you can pre-order one here for mail order or in-store collection.

Window painting (at Gosh comics) by Isabel for Free Comic Book Day 2018

Book 'signed' by Isabel, at Gosh comics, for Free Comic Book Day 2018

Book 'signed' by Isabel, at Gosh comics, for Free Comic Book Day 2018

8 August 2018

Rok of the Reds - website updated

To (nearly) celebrate the start of the new football season Rok of the Reds has updated his website (here) and it's full of Rok goodies, including a forum, a (bigger) shop and the opportunity for you to sponsor the strip! 

Head over there now to get your hands on some of these goodies...

7 August 2018

Comics 2001 charity deck of cards - Clubs

The final set of cards from 2001 - clubs - well-known contributors include Carlos Ezquerra, John McCrea, Kev Sutherland, Al Davison, Kev walker, Henry Flint, Kev Hopgood, Jock, Alan Davis, Dave Gibbons and plenty more besides...

6 August 2018

Comics 2001 charity deck of cards - Spades

The spades from the comics 2001 charity deck of cards...Famous names include Simon Davis, Matt Wagner, Alan Davis, Evan Dorkin, Frazer Irving, Trevor Hairsine and Greg Staples 

5 August 2018

Comics 2001 charity deck of cards - Diamonds

And now the Diamonds from the Comics 2001 charity deck of cards, great selection of artists here...Hunt Emerson, David Pugh, Alan Davis, John Higgins and more besides

4 August 2018

Comics 2001 charity deack of cards - Hearts

It was comics creator Kev Sutherland who took the idea of people doing sketches for a convention and, instead of putting them in a convention brochure, put them into a deck of cards. 

With hindsight I wish I'd got all the decks he produced (I'm not even sure how many years this ran for) but I did get the 2001 edition - here are the hearts from that year...

Note that the 6 of hearts of is by Gary Spencer Millidge (but for some reason his signature didn't scan, hey-ho)

3 August 2018

Brian Lewis - the city under the sea

I picked this up recently - no prizes for guessing how much it cost me - because, initially, I recognised the name of the author as being a comics writer.

According to his Wikipedia page (here) Bulmer was an incredibly prolific author who also turned his hand to writing comics and, in fact, helping to create The Steel Claw. 
My pleasure at getting a book by Bulmer was increased further when I realised that the cover was by Brian Lewis - probably one of the most versatile talents UK comics has ever had the pleasure to know. He could do straight stuff, horror stuff, humour stuff, such a (sadly-missed) all-rounder. I've got some lovely examples of his range of work coming up over the next few weeks, stay tuned!

The book is copyright 1957

2 August 2018

Comic Scene issue 1 is now out

Just a quick shout out this morning for Comic Scene #1 which landed on my doormat yesterday morning...
Of particular interest is a free 8 page supplement of an exclusive preview chapter from Pat Mills new book on Slaine, Misty at 40, Vertigo Comics at 25, an interview with Eisner Hall of Fame winner Karen Berger and a focus on women creators, female characters and classic girls comics.

I have articles on Professor Peabody, Yvonne Hutton and Marie Duval in this issue - but other people have clearly written a lot of other good stuff too :)

You can order your print issue for £5.99 or digital issue for £3.99 to or use the online shop at

1 August 2018

IPC juvenile group - who was who?

From the Comics 101 convention brochure we have the question...who's who on the elephant?

There may be some clues in this image taken from the Comics 103 brochure just 2 years later

31 July 2018

Comicon 72 - early Kev O'Neill artwork

I've just been working on a project looking at a whole heap of comic convention programmes, and I've spotted loads of great, and interesting art in there, I'll be highlighting some of this stuff over the next few weeks, first up is the earliest piece of Kev O'Neill art I've got (I think!)...

30 July 2018

Venture Books imprint - MIlls & Boon

Inspired by my earlier posting about Mills & Boon imprint Venture Books I've hurriedly trawled the net to see what other images can be found...

The horrific trail across England in search of a small glass phial containing blood - blood that had once flowed through the veins of the Lord of the Vampires.

A monstrous, dog-like creature is the evil doctor's creation in this new Frankenstein tale set against the bleak background of Cornwall's Bodmin moor. 

Violence and bloodshed were no strangers to McCool, which made him the sort of unorthodox agent the giant oil company needed to protect their rig from sabotage. 

Two of the books have proved too hard to track down and this is the best image I can get...

The plot for Adam is as follows
Death was a low price to pay for the capture of Adam when compared to the havoc and horror which followed the primitive monster's escape from his electrified cage.

The plot for Tiger Trap is as follows
The blood of humans and big cats mingle over of death as Jake Hiller tracks man-eating tigers in a desperate bid to save the species from extinction.

It comes from here and credits the Adam book as really being by (comics writer) Fred Baker; the Blood of Dracula book by (comics writer) Chris Lowder (a.k.a. Jack Adrian); the Frankenstein book as really by Peter Beresford Ellis; and Rig 59 as being written by Peter Christopher Watts. 

There's also reprints of at least 4 of these books in Italian - sorry for the poor image quality, they're taken from this interesting sounding website