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17 November 2017

Wimbledon Comic Art Festival

Saturday saw the inaugural Wimbledon Comic Art Festival taking place at Merton Arts Space within Wimbledon library. The event was organised by Rik Jackson (@gojacksongo) and brought together a diverse selection of creators and publishers in a small but perfectly formed venue.

While the advertising outside the library itself was a little thin on the ground (eventually an A-board with an A4 poster on it appeared outside) the location of the space within the library itself seemed to draw people in really successfully. I certainly saw plenty of people wander in slightly cautiously from the library, enticed I'm sure by the absence of an entrance fee and the 'comics for kids' opportunities.

Rik had managed to get the venue for free so was able to offer free entry for punters and free tables for creatives. The event had a really friendly vibe and eventually was able to run later than anticipated. The following selection of photos hopefully gives you a flavour of what was on offer...

Here's Rik in his trademark black shirt...

I had a good chat to David Broughton (@DBroughtonDavid) about our shared love of Dan Dare, I caught up with a number of back issues that I'd wanted to get hold for a while, thanks for the VCs print Dave!

Here's Matt Garvey (@Matt Garvey1981) who tells me he's writing a dozen comics at the moment! We chatted about his work on Cordelia Swift, Matt had copies of The Ether, Transfer and Chunks and was chatting to all and sundry about his work. A pleasure to meet. I really enjoyed The Ether #1 and will be looking forward to future issues.

Some of Rik's comics...

Rik's comics (and Dave Broughton eating a banana I think)

Most of the Awesome comics podcast team were there as well selling merchandise and not really recording as many interviews with people as they should, on the other hand as episode 124 of their podcast proves, they did spend plenty of time with creators and really enjoyed their time in Wimbledon.

The Centrala stand, they can be found here

The 'space' and interested punters

The Avery Hill team (more details here) had a diverse selection of material available...

Here's Rik again, standing proud!

Gareth Brookes (@brookes_gareth) had a fantastic selection of material on offer...

The man himself standing proudly over his books

Hawk and Cleaver (more details here) were also there successfully selling books (well, we were in the library) and comics, including El Marvo #1, as they themselves say about this...
In the distant future, nuclear war and disease has ravaged the planet once called Earth and all that is left alive of the damaged and often horribly mutated human race live on a singular continent called Muck, where they worship Sokrates - a dictator whose rule has enslaved many and is using up all that is left of the lands resources on hideous weapons, physically altered beasts and super-soldiers.
Luchador wrestler vigilante El Marvo awakes from a self-imposed cryo-sleep with a fractured memory and a missing limb, hell-bent on piecing together his past and taking on the evil oppressors of Muck with the help of a pair of teenage heroes – Go Get ‘Em Girl and Knuckle Duster.

My other comics creator of the day was Paul Shinn (more details here) with his (only slightly) penguin obsessed array of material to purchase, including

Comics and posters at the entrance to Wimbledon Library...

A great start from Rik, here's hoping for more of the same next year...

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