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6 January 2018

Jesus von Nazareth - by Frank Hampson & Marcus Morris

Good news for all Frank Hampson fans out there, a new reprint volume of his work has just come to light. It was actually published in 2015 but Amazon UK only had a copy listed just recently!

Here's what the cover looks like (art by Ertugrul), as you can see it's a translation of 'The Road of Courage' strip (by Frank Hampson and Marcus Morris), the strip portrays the life of Christ. If you've never seen a copy of this masterpiece I recommend picking up the original Dragon's Dream version.

Anyway, here's the German version...

and here are 2 interior pages, all lovingly translated into German

This isn't the fist time the Road of Courage has been translated internationally, I look at other foreign language volumes here

Two volumes of Dan Dare's adventure have also been translated into German - the first 2 Hawk Book reprint volumes look like this in German...

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