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9 November 2018

Warhammer monthly - cover art - Simon Davis (part 1)

Warhammer Monthly ran from February 1998 (issue #0) to October 2004 (issue #86) with, in fact, a total of 90 different issues along the way (but that's an article for a different day). Quite a number of artists contributed to the title over those 90 issues, and I hope to highlight examples of their work starting with an artist who I'm much more familiar with from their work on 2000ad...Simon Davis

Issue 3 (May 1998) - The Summoning

Issue 19 (August 1999) - Malus Darkblade

Issue 31 (June 2000) Ulli & Marquand

Issue 34 (September 2000) - Titan

For more details on Simon's published work check out his Wikipedia page here 

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