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3 March 2019

Colin MacNeil covers - part 1

Now that Lawless comic convention (Bristol, Saturday 18th May 2019) - get yer tickets here - have announced Colin MacNeil as a guest I thought I'd see what comics I owned that featured covers by Colin...

First up is the short lived (6 issues only) Action Man comic from 1995, published by Tower Magazines (and not to be confused with the much longer running Action Man comic). Here's the cover to issue 1...

And here's the back cover of issue 1 trailing the cover for issue 2

Hmmm, here's the actual cover for issue 2 - clearly based on the above issue but not by Colin (even though he's still credited inside as the cover artist).

Space Precinct 2040 was another short-lived series (6 issues only) and Colin illustrated just one cover...

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