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3 September 2020

Girl comic spin-off annuals

I've looked previously at Hulton Press books/annuals that were produced to accompany Swift (here) and there were similar types of books produced to accompany Eagle and Girl. I won't look at the 'usual' Girl annuals instead I want to look at the spin-off books.

I'm not a Girl collector but if you are and can let me know what I've missed out then do just let me know...

I've also left out the Girl novels because I've covered them before here  and here   

A Girl book - World ballet (1958)

Girl new book of world ballet (1963)

Girl book of Hobbies, 1958

Girl book of Hobbies, 1962

Calling Nurse Abbott! 1962

Girl film and television annuals, 1958-1965

The Girl book of modern adventurers, 1953

Learning to cook the Girl way, 1959

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