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2 November 2021

Patti Moon - a lost newspaper strip by Graham Coton

Who remembers the newspaper strip Patti Moon (illustrated by Graham Coton)? I'm going to stick my neck out and say no-one because it was never published.

I say this because I can google next to nothing about it - but if this was ever published anywhere do let me know.

However, there's a chance to buy all of the art for the strip right here on ebay for £250. Apart from Google bringing up nothing about this the other reasons I think this story was never actually published (by Associated Newspapers) is...
a). the pace of the strip! Seem to get through quite a lot in just 9 panels
b). the shower scene - I mean I know we've had Jane and George & Lynne (and even in Jeff Hawke the catsuits were getting pretty figure-hugging) but surely it's a little too gratuitous?

The art was originally sold in June by Chiswick auctions (details here) as part of a lot which had original art for the covers of 4 Enid Blyton books and this. The hammer price on all that was £275.

Here's all that exists of the strip...

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