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31 January 2022

10-4 Action - the CB radio comic of the early '80s

I'm always interested in comics published by independent in that vein here's "10-4 action" a CB radio-themed comic from 1981/2 published by CB news. 

The art in these issues from Stephen Baskerville (a professional cartoonist - his website is here) is far and away the best thing about the interior art on the comic strips in 10-4 action which are, at worst, pretty amateurish. Anyway, enjoy these covers...the artists is uncredited (and unknown to me so if you know who it is then please let me know).

10-4 Action issue 1, December 1981

10-4 Action issue 2, January 1982

10-4 Action issue 3, February 1982

10-4 Action issue 4, March 1982

10-4 Action issue 5, April 1982

10-4 Action issue 6, May 1982

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