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4 February 2022

Johnny Cougar original art by Sandy James

A recent spot on that eBay for some rare Sandy James artwork (from Tiger). Images are a bit blurry, sorry! Not sure I've ever seen any of Sandy's art for sale before. The hammer price was £300 on this. By my reckoning the artwork is nearly 4 times bigger than the printed comic - enormous!

Johnny Cougar with Splash Gorton - Tiger (issue 131) 31st October 1970 (page 1 of the strip)

...and then how that page looked 'in real life' - you'll note that the Johnny Cougar with Splash Gorton banner on the art has been dropped from the printed page

Johnny CougarTiger (issue 131) 31st October 1970 (page 2 of the strip and in fact page 2 of the comic)

and here's the printed page...

Johnny CougarTiger 7th November 1970 (page 27 of the comic)

Johnny's no longer the cover star...

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