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20 May 2022

Monster in my pocket special - Marvel UK

Inspired by a remark on episode 60 of the 'Sonic the comic the podcast' I've tracked down these 2 Marvel UK comics that were previously unknown to me. I've covered the Monster wrestler in my pocket series before (see here) but of course that was a spin-off of the original Monster in my pocket series.

So, two specials from Marvel UK in 1991 - one was a holiday special (priced at 85p) and the other a summer special (priced at 95p)

The Holiday special (priced at 85p) - and with a shoe on the front cover...
...looks to me like it'll be a reprint of #1 (May 1991) of the Harvey comics Monster in my pocket comic, which looks like this... 
...more details on the GCD here - cover art is by Gene Colón

The Summer special (priced at 95p) - and with The Punisher take-off cover - has 2 stories...and has a free monster taped to the front (mind you it does cost 10p more than the Holiday special).
...and appears to be a reprint of this title (details on the GCD here) from Harvey Comics. This was #2 in the Monster in my pocket series and came out in July 1991.
Cover art is by Gil Kane

There was also an annual - details below 

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