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1 August 2022

Bryan Talbot - snooker fan!

These 2 images are c/o Steve 'the nugget' Davis and are themselves nuggets that he shared with me at the recent Luther Arkwright exhibition opening at the Cartoon Museum.

This is 'Cue world' magazine from April 1981 and shows Steve Davis (drawn by Bryan Talbot) on the cover of 'Cue World' magazine. From what I can find out about 'Cue World' magazine this seems like a rare illustrated cover...

The other lovely Bryan Talbot item that Steve had was this Christmas card that had been designed by Bryan. You'll recognise Barry Hearn on the 'phone, Tony Meo in the boxing gloves, Steve on the piano and Terry Griffiths watching the telly.
I impressed Steve with my ability to instantly identify Tony Meo :) 
As I told him, I watched a lot of snooker in the '80s :)

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