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17 April 2023

Catawiki auction - ends Thur 20 Apr 2023

The latest Catawiki auction of original (British) comic art is now open for bids - as ever I've picked out my highlights. Good luck if you're bidding on any of these.

This lot by Nadir Quinto from issue #165 of Once Upon a Time

This Robot Archie page from a 1965 issue of Lion - artwork by Edward Kearon

This Modesty Blaise episode by Neville Colvin (from 1984's 'The Alternative man' strip)

These 2 Bill Lacey pages from Look & Learn - the (1974) story was called "Number 13 Marvel Street"

These 2 Alfonso Font pages from Look & Learn (1973)

This Don Lawrence half-page of Trigan Empire art by

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