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29 May 2023

Captain Britain summer specials

I've looked before at Captain Britain merchandise (here) and I just wanted to highlight these 3 specials - especially the 3rd which I understand is particularly rare.

Captain Britain summer special, 1980, 40p

Captain Britain summer special, 1981, 45p

Captain Britain autumn special, 1992, £1.25

For more details look here where it says...
Several Captain Britain Specials have been published over the years, beginning with the 1980 Summer Special, which reprinted the lead strip from Captain Britain weekly #28-32, as well as some classic US-produced Black Knight and Doctor Strange strips. The 1981 Special reprinted a Spider-Man and Captain Britain team-up story from Super Spider-man and Captain Britain and the American-produced Marvel Team-Up #65-66, while a 1992 Autumn Special reprinted several installments of the Captain Britain series from Mighty World of Marvel Vol 2 in colour

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