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8 December 2023

UPDATED: The Wastefuel Family comics

I've looked at plenty of advertising comics before (see them all here) but these recent images from ace ebay seller Phil-Comics for an early 1980s British Gas energy conservation campaign were new to me...

The campaign launched as “The Wasteful Family”, but was later rebranded as “The Wastefuel Family”.

UPDATE...cover images for issue 5 has now added.

The Wasteful family #1
image c/o

The Wasteful family #2

The Wastefu(e)l family #3
image not to hand - can you help?

The Wastefuel family #4

The Wastefuel family #5
Currently up for sale here

The Wastefuel family #6
image c/o

8 pages long and 8.5 x 6 inches in size.

Denis Gifford records there being 6 comics in total produced 1980-4 - so clearly a few more examples of this British Gas comic are out there for me to find. 

“The Wastefuel Family” flyers were inserted in issues of popular comics at the time, such as this edition of Eagle, cover dated 22nd October 1983, currently on sale here

You can find all other example of advertising comics on the blog here

The artist here has now been confirmed as Jeremy Simmonds, who also drew “Gas Cats”.


  1. I have issue 3 in my Get Shot pile if you want it…

    1. that's very kind - can you e-mail me directly at [replacing the AT with an @]? thanks!