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3 January 2024

UPDATED: Greenbug comic

I looked here at short-lived (?) environmental humour comic Greenbug (London Editions, 1991) and now some scans of interior art have come to light. I recognise the work of Tom Paterson and there are other artists whose style (but not names) are familiar to me. Any help identifying artists is always welcome! 

UPDATE: all artists now identified thanks to Peter Gray.

An anonymous comment left on my original post said that this series only ran for 3 issues and was exclusively produced for Tesco.

art by Gordon Bell

This is Tom Paterson

art by John Geering

Pink Panda art by Gordon Bell
Dolphin Annie art by John Geering

art by John Geering

art by Gordon Bell

Greenbug editor Brian Clarke confirms that it lasted only 3 issues

Here's the Greenbug costume

1 comment:

  1. The other artists look like John Geering (Bananaman artist) and Gordon Bell (who amongst other things did pup parade in the beano)