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27 September 2016

Kickstarter campaign - Ian Kennedy illustrates Lady Flintlock

Just a quick break from Thrud-related postings to bring you news of a Kickstarter campaign that features legendary British comics illustrator Ian Kennedy. Ian has only recently illustrated his first 2 US style comics, albeit a re-working of a British comics character, Johnny Red issues 2 and 8 (see below)

Well now he's illustrating something completely different...he's provided the cover for a Kickstarter-backable campaign for Flintlock comic issue 2. I backed issue 1 and thought it was great, 3 good b+w stories, good art throughout, a real throwback to the adventure comics of my youth.

Anyway, Ian has got involved and this is part of the cover he's drawn.

I'm not showing you the whole cover as I want you to go to Kickstarter right now and read more about this great comic and learn how you can get hold, not only of this comic, but also a limited edition print of the cover.

Point your browsers this way people...

You can back the campaign from tomorrow (Wed 28th Sep) - Steve's only looking for £500, so why not help him reach his goal? I know I will.

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