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12 September 2016

Transformers partwork from Hachette

Transformers partwork from Hachette

Hachette already publish a number of partworks, but they've just launched a new one, which looks like being essential reading to any Transformers fans out there.

Here's the link

Weirdly it's not mentioned on the main Hachette site

Which does feature a list of the comics & sci-fi partworks they are currently publishing
I was familiar with Judge Dredd one, the Dr Who one and the Marvel ultimate Graphic novels one but not the Warhammer 40k one.

Not all of these series will last very long in the shops as they quickly move onto full-price subscription mode. The Forbidden Planet shop on Shaftesbury Avenue in London stocks the Dredd and the Dr Who title, but it's  a long time since I saw either in a proper newsagent.

I don't know enough about these stories to say when the Marvel US/UK stories would start and stop on such a partwork but we know those stories will feature as the blurb loudly proclaims...
From the Marvel US and UK stories to the Dreamwave era and the triumphant IDW incarnation of Generation 1

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