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4 February 2017

Fury comic cover gallery (3)

Issue 5

Issue 6

Issue 7


  1. The infamous issue 5 of Fury caused much confusion in newsagents up and down the country. Someone in the art department forgot to paste up the 9p price tag and the error wasn't picked up until after the comic had been printed and sent to the distributors.

  2. hmmm, I never noticed that before - were you working in that production unit at the time? If so, would be fascinated to hear more

  3. No I wasn't employed in the Marvel office, just an enthusiastic thirteen year old reader. Sadly I can't remember the source now. I may have read it on an online forum, in an old trade news rag or in a letter column. I know that Rob Kirby has interviewed the editor at the time (Neil Tennant) for his upcoming Marvel U.K. book so there may well be more on this yet to come out.