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2 February 2017

Fury comic cover gallery (1)

To get us in the mood for the 2000ad 40th anniversary bash, and to celebrate me completing my Fury comic collection, I thought I'd champion the work of its foremost cover artist - Carlos Ezquerra. So, over the next few days I'll be running a cover gallery of this title plus any other interesting bits I find in its pages.
Fury was published for 25 issues by Marvel UK and Carlos drew covers 2-25, Dave Gibbons drew the cover for issue 1. The titular hero was Sergeant Fury (and his howling commandos). Art and story credits for the US reprint material that made up the contents of this title are thin on the ground, so it's just the covers really I'll be highlighting. Fury lasted 25 issues (16/03/77 - 31/08/77) before it merged into Mighty word of Marvel.
Issue #1

Issue 2
 rear cover art by Frank Langford


  1. I hope you don't mean you'll be "ruining" a cover gallery, Richard as you don't normally ;-)

  2. The cover to issue 2 is by Eric Bradbury, known for his work on IPC strips such as Cursitor Doom and Maxwell Hawke.