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17 February 2018

Frank Quitely - Drawings + Sketches

BHP comics have announced that 16th April 2018 will see the launch of "Frank Quitely Drawings + Sketches"

As they say here...

Delve through the pages of the private sketchbooks from a comics legend in Frank Quitely: Drawings + Sketches and follow the journey which produced some of the most iconic scenes in contemporary comics. In Drawings + Sketches, Quitely selects some of his favourite behind the scenes moments from such titles as All Star Superman, Batman and Jupiter's Legacy and offers insights into the stories and processes behind them. This hard cover, full colour art book is a beautiful and inspiring must-have for any fan or aspiring comics creator.

About Frank Quitely
Frank Quitely is a comics hero with nearly three decades of experience. He has worked with DC Comics, Marvel and Millarworld on some of comics' best loved heroes such as Batman and Superman. He is a patron of comics in Scotland, supporting Glasgow Comic Con and The National Centre for Comics. In 2017 he was awarded an honorary PhD from Glasgow University for his contribution to comics worldwide.

The above link also provides the opportunity to pre-order the book for £18.99 (plus £3 postage in the UK)...

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