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27 May 2018

Infinity magazine 09 - Dan Dare, Look-In and Dick Barton

Following on from my post yesterday (here) about the latest issue of Infinity magazine (issue 10) I ought to have added that you should check out at least one of their back issues as well.

Issue 09 was a cracker as far as fans of British comics were concerned...
First up we had Dan Dare on the cover and then a 4 page article inside that covers the whole history of the Dan Dare strip from the very earliest days up until today

You then also get a 4 page career retrospective on Dick Barton (not many other magazines can say that about their contents last month)... 

...and then there's also 4 pages on Look-in 

All the features are well written and well illustrated, more details  here on the Infinity website  

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