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26 May 2018

Infinity magazine #10 out now!

This is issue 10 of Infinity magazine so it's hardly a new magazine but it's pretty new to me and at £3.99 it's well worth taking a punt on.

This issue has, as its lead article no less, a 4 page feature on radio series Journey into space. Not many magazines would lead with a feature on a radio programme, let alone one first broadcast in the 1950s but Infinity seems happy to be aimed at the retro end of the sci fi market and good luck to it.  

 Here's page 1 of that feature...
...which does also crossover into the Dan Dare radio series on radio Luxembourg and some other SF radio dramas. 

Retro also, clearly, covers the '70s so there's also a 4-page feature on short-lived TV show (and The Sweeney imitation) Target which also recalls the short-lived (18 issues only folks) Target comic that was published in 1978. Featuring strips based on Charlie's Angels, Kojak, Cannon and Hazel it appears that the only pantone they had access to was 'garish'.  
There's loads of other stuff as well (Buck Rogers, Blake's 7, 2001, The Clangers) that I'll leave you to discover for yourself.

There website is here - back issues are available but not for all issues as they've soled out already of some issues.

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