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6 April 2019

original Eagle autographs

There's a (pricey!) but interesting item currently for sale on ebay (here) of a selection of autographs of original Eagle contributors...

I suspect that the Hampson autograph is quite early in his career as it doesn't look like his 'normal' autograph from when he was signing items in the late '70s and early '80s - the Dragon's Dream reprints or items from Eaglecon 80. The 'F' and the 'H' are curlier than normal, compare to the signature on this item for instance...

Talking of autographs - here are some signatures that one dedicated fan collected at Eaglecon 80 from...Macdonald hastings, Marcus Morris, Frank Hampson, (art editor) Arthur Roberts, Keith Watson, Charles Chilton, Frank Humphris, Derek Lord, Chad Varah and Richard Jennings

I've tipped the above signatures in my 'signed by lots of original Eagle people' book - here we can see Roy Cross, Derek Lord, Chad Varah, John Batchelor, Greta Tomlinson, John Ryan, Ray Bailey, Gerald Palmer, John M Burns and Paul Trevillion. 

On this page Charles Chilton, Jack Daniel, Peter Jackson, Martin Aitchison and Marcus Morris's 3 daughters (Ruth Williams, Sally Morris and Jan Hallwood)

Here...Joan Porter (Frank Hampson assistant), Don Harley, Ian Kennedy, Peter Hampson and Margaret Walker (Frank Hampson's sister)

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