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7 April 2019

Havok - part the 5th

AGES ago, I ran some of the Havok supplements that ran in 2000ad back in the late '90, partly because they seemed to me like one of the more obscure (and violent!) toy tie-ins. For anyone playing catch-up the previous issues are here...

First part is here - from prog 1021
Next - from prog 1022 here
From prog 1023 here
From prog 1024 here
From prog 1026 - is below
From prog 1028 - is coming tomorrow!
From prog 1032 here
From prog 1036 here 

Script is by Robbie Morrison, art is by Robert McCallum & David Millgate, lettering is by Annie Parkhouse.

And here is supplement 5 from prog 1026...  

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