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20 May 2019

Macdonald Hastings - part 2

Following on from my posting yesterday about Macdonald Hastings (here) here are the details of his other, more well-known book...even so there are some rare variants to look out for,

Here's the book - front cover...

...and back cover...

There are 2 editions published by Michael Joseph (so interestingly not published by Hulton Press)...the first edition (book 2 in the photo below) is just dated 1953 whereas the 2nd edition (book 3 in the photo below) says "second impression October 1953" and also says August 1953, which I assume relates to the first edition.

1955 saw a cheaper version (no photographs; rather than 60 photographs) published under the 'Children's book club edition' banner. This cheaper version is on the left in the photo below and you can see that it's a little smaller than the 'full fat' version [books 2&3] and there is no publisher mentioned on the dustjacket.

The book on the right of the above photo is a book that I only came across recently and, published in 1954, is a German edition of the 'Eagle Special Investigator' book.

The book uses the same photos as the version in English (although the photos are actually a little sharper in the German edition). So, I'm guessing there may have been OTHER foreign editions of this book, the question is am I right? Have you seen any other foreign editions of his Eagle books?

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