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19 May 2019

Macdonald Hastings - The search for the little yellow men

'The search for the little yellow men' was published in 1956 by Hulton Press as a look at Eagle's very own Special Investigator, Macdonald 'father of Max' Hastings, travels in the Kalahari desert. 

Eagle volume 5 #49 to Eagle volume 6 #19 had featured his exploits - so that's an amazing 24 weeks of coverage in Eagle

That wasn't quite his longest series (that would be the series that came immediately afterwards, all about his travels in the Middle East) but it's still a far cry from his more usual single episode 'challenge'.

So here's the usual 'novelisation' of the story - it's less than 150 pages.

Another view of the book...

But there are also other (even rarer) editions - this is the US edition from (October) 1956 - not as many photos as the UK edition. 

This tribal image is lurking beneath the dustjacket...

There was also this second US edition from (December) 1962 (no dustjacket) - where the young hunter has been promoted from the back of the book to the front!

Come back tomorrow for more Macdonald Hastings rarities...

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