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25 October 2020

Denis Gifford books

Having recently failed to acquire this book below it made me wonder of there are any other Denis Gifford books I don't know about out there.

So I thought I'd better see what books I think exist and then see if anyone can spot any gaps, right then, in date order we have as follows...

A). Comic reference books

Discovering comics (1971)

Stap me! The British newspaper strip (1971)

The British comic catalogue 1874-1974 (1975)

Happy days - one hundred years of comics (1975)
(published by Jupiter books)

Victorian comics (1976)

British comics and storypaper guide! 1982

The international book of comics (1984)

This book is available with a variety of covers and comes in softback and hardback...

First up a WH Smith exclusive (softback)

Next up a WH Smith exclusive (hardback)

Next, normal edition (hardback)

Next, normal edition (softback)

and then there's this edition too...(softback, 1990)

The complete catalogue of British comics (1985)

Encyclopedia of comic characters (1987)

Happy days - one hundred years of comics (1988)

(published by Bloomsbury books)

Comics at war (1988)

The Eagle book of cutaways (1988)

The best of Eagle annual, 1951-1959 (1989)

The story paper price guide (1989)

The comic art of Charlie Chaplin (1989)

The international book of comics (1990)

The best of Girl annual, 1952-1959 (1990)

Christmas comic posters (1991)

Discovering comics (1991)

Super Duper Supermen! (1992)

(also available as a book of postcards)

Space aces! (1992)

(also available as a book of postcards)

B). Other Denis Gifford books with comic content

Run, Adolf, run: the world war two fun book (1975)

Stewpot's fun book (1977)

The Morecambe and Wise comic book! (1977)

Quick on the draw (1978)

Eric and Ernie's TV fun book (1978)

The two Ronnies comic book! (1978)

C). Catalogues of Denis Gifford's collection

Catalogues for parts 5-7 and 9-12 of the auction have yet to be identified

Here are some more images relating to the book that made me write this post initially...

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