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3 October 2020

Eagle #1 preview copy for sale

Over on that eBay there's a rare opportunity (here) to acquire the preview issue of the original Eagle. The preview copy is distinct in 2 particular ways from the 'finished product' as follows.

Firstly, the date (21st April 1950) is 'wrong' as Eagle would eventually be published with a cover date of 14th April 1950.

Secondly, there's no 'Dan Dare, pilot of the future' box in frame 1 

Bidding opens at £700 (or you can make an offer) and runs until about 1PM (GMT) on Saturday 3rd October - good luck if you bid! This is a bit of a 'grail' item for Eagle fans so interest is likely to be high. Whether that interest translates to that high opening bid price I'll let you know.

I acquired my copy many years ago when it was (wrongly) sold to me as an incomplete copy of Eagle #1 

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