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8 July 2021

Catawiki auction - closes Thur 8th July 2021

Bidding ends tonight - good luck!

The current Catawiki auction of original comic art is now open for bidding and, as ever, I've been through it looking for British comic art highlights. So, without further ado, let's see what's up for sale this week...

This picture of Modesty Blaise by Romero

This newspaper strip of Jeff Hawke by Sydney Jordan

This cover to Teddy Bear comic (7th December 1963) by William Francis Phillipps

This Andy Capp strip by Reg Smythe

This page of Leo the friendly Lion - football hero from Playhour - art by Virginio Livraghi

Because you should always have some Jesus Blasco art to look at

 Some Robot Archie by Edward Kearon, from Lion (1965)

Two stunning Ron Embleton pages from The wonderful world of Disney (1975/6)

This art by Nadir Quinto from Playhour (1958/59)

This unpublished page by José Ortiz from Once upon a time

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