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5 July 2021

UPDATED: Cartoon Aid - the big book (part 6)

I've looked before at publications associated with the Cartoon Aid charity (like Band Aid but with more cartoons and less Bob Geldof) - if you missed them they are as follows...

a). the Olympic book is here
b). Bryan Hitch's work in the Kidz book is here
c). Mike Collin's work in the Kidz book is here
d). Terry & Sheila Bave's work in the Kidz book is here
e). Simon Donald's work in the Kidz book is here
f). Cartoon Aid auction at Sotheby's & a festival in Margate is here
g). Waddington's jigsaw (from the Margate festival is here)
h). Scare Bears monster party book is here 
i). a REALLY big tome called Cartoon Aid here 
j). the 'Loadsa Funnies' telethon book featuring Judge Dredd art by Jim Baikie is here
k). same book but a Dredd strip by John Wagner & Mike Collins is here
l). same book but art by Bryan Hitch and Reg Smythe is here
m). same book but art by Davy Francis is here
n). same book but contributions by humour artists is here
o). same book - contributions by John M Burns, Dave Gibbons and others is here

I've started looking at some of the contents of this big book, so far I've looked at Asterix (here and here) and then I've found that there is some DC Thomson material in there (here) and then I've found some Achille Talon material (here) and some Look-In (here). 

The final piece to look at is this Lucky Luke strip. I'm assuming it's a reprint but there's a lot of Lucky Luke material out there and I can't work out where it first appeared. It's only a 6 page strip but any pointers would be welcome, thanks!

He's also on the back cover...

I've had further info. on this story (thansk to @Cinebooks and @GraemeNeilReid) and can now say that this was a first English language translation for this strip. The strip originally appeared in the 6th volume of (the short-lived) Lucky Luke magazine in 1974 and was collected into an album (by Dargaud - number 42 in the series) in the same year. That volume was entitled '7 histoires de Lucky Luke' and had 7 short stories in it.
In 2014 Cinebook included it in volume 50 (!) of their reprints - that volumes was called "Seven stories" - they did their own translation so there are some differences in the text...

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