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2 April 2022

Latest Catawiki auction opens

The latest Catawiki auction of original (British) comic art is now open for bids. Bidding closes on the evening of Thursday 7th April. As ever, I've picked out the highlights and here they are...

This piece by Romero - an Axa cover to a reprint volume

This page by Edward Kearon from a Robot Archie story entitled "Archie and the mystery of the giant bats"

This cover to Black Diamond western #1 - this is signed by Walt and is attributed to Walter "Walt" Taylor; however I wonder if it's by Walt Howarth?

This Don Lawrence page from the Trigan Empire 

There are a couple of other auctions running currently on Catawiki that have different end dates but I just wanted to highlight a couple of piece that they have for sale...

This piece by Gordon Hutchings from Teddy Bear magazine in 1981 - auction ends the evening of 13th April 

This John Bolton sketch of Batman - auction ends the evening of 16th April

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  1. I can confirm that the Black Diamond Western UK artwork is by WALTER HOWARTH (1928-2008). Catawiki should be told.
    Walter was WDL's main western comic cover artist, and painted all the covers in this series, along with countless others, as well as jigsaw puzzles, sketch pad covers etc etc.
    I was his agent/friend for the last 10 years of his life.
    If anyone wants to know more, please ask !
    Gary Watton