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10 April 2022

Sez Dez volume 1

Always good to have another comic creator autobiography out...and here's the latest...
It says book 1 (Dez jokingly (??) says there'll be about 5 books in all) as this first book only covers the eary days of his career - schooldays through attempted research chemist year to Doncaster Newspapers then IPC's weekly comics.

What a lockdown project this has been! Order your copy today.

Note the following corrections & clarifications...
page 13 - the fanzine is called Ka-Pow [not Ka-Pow!]
page 14 - Bernie Wrightson [not Bernie Wrighton]
page 16 - Eagle not The Eagle
page 34 - chamois not shammy
page 70 - Eagle not The Eagle
page 70 - Tom Tully [not Tom Tulley]
page 82 - the Dave Gibbons cover wraps around issue #57 [not #58] of Fantasy Advertiser
page 87 - Scream! [not Scream]
page 89 Eagle not The Eagle [multiple times on this page]

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