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14 September 2022

Hans Kresse

I'm always happy to introduce newcomers to the it'a long overdue 'hello' to Dutch creator Hans Kresse (Wikipedia entry). Two volumes of his work were published by Methuen in (English) in 1975. 

These are very much like contemporary Asterix/Tintin volumes in that they are approximately A4 sized, full colour throughout & 48 pages long. Plus, if memory serves, a cracking read!

Hans Kresse - Master of Thunder, Methuen, 1975 - English text by Len Ortzen 

Hans Kresse - Riders of the wind, Methuen, 1975 - English text by Len Ortzen

The back page of the book shows that 2 further volumes were due to be published - sadly they were never published, presumably due to low sales on volume 1+2.

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