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10 September 2022

Old Boys Books - bibliographies etc

I really, really don't need to start another collection...BUT I am prepared to give room on the blog for a listing of bibliographical material related to the 'Old Boys Book' genre. These were text based rather than comic strip based so I've never collected the original material or the many fanzines that the genre spawned.

I don't pretend that this is any way a complete listing, it's just stuff I've come across recently on eBay and you've got to start somewhere. I'll add more titles as I go along. First up then...

The Nelson Lee library - Edwy Searles Brooks
the seller notes that this is 116 pages long and minutely detailed

90 glorious years
A celebration of 90 years of the GEM and the MAGNET and a tribute to the life & works of Eric Fayne, the editor of Story Paper Collectors' Digest from 1959 to 1987. A great, profusely illustrated B&W 200 page book

John Nix Pentelow, 1872-1931
a relatively scarce fanzine for the Magnet Library. Printed in 1976 by the 'Cambridge Old Boys Book Club' and focusses on the life of John Nix Pentelow. Contributions from Jack Overhill, Bill Lofts, Deryck Harvey, Danny Posner, W.J.A. Hubbard and W.H. Broster

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