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8 January 2023

2000ad subscriber gifts

Occasionally on eBay you can find examples of the subscriber gifts that 2000AD have produced and it occurred to me that I'd be interested in knowing what all the gifts were. This is what I've found so far...any help filling in any of the blanks is very welcome.

2011 subscribers gifts from 2000AD
I've seen this described on ebay as an exclusive for subscribers but the book doesn't appear to mention this in any way.
A 200AD subscriber exclusive gift - in unique ‘B-Format’ (19.5cm x 12.5cm) - 128 pages of Future Shocks. Contains a great many formerly un-reprinted works by the likes of Brian Bolland, Massimo Belardinelli and Kevin O’Neil. The stories have been reproduced beautifully with crisp B&W artwork. .


  • FS 4 – Wings (Kev O’Neill),
  • FS 5 – Just Like Home (Peter Harris, Ron Turner)
  • FS 7 – A Promised Land (unknown / Horacio Lalia)
  • FS 9 – Fangs (Chris Lowder, Carlos Ezquerra)
  • FS 11 – Play Pool (Kelvin Gosnell, Kevin O’Neill)
  • FS 13 – Space Prospector (Martin Lock, Trevor Goring)
  • FS 14 – The Runts (Steve Moore, Pat Wright),
  • FS 15 – Time Past (Martin Lock, Jose Luis Ferrer),
  • FS 17 – Time Was (Martin Lock, Ramon Sola)
  • FS 18 – Enemy Agent (Nick Tufnell, John Cooper)
  • FS 19 – Substitute (Robert Flynn, Giorgi)
  • FS 21 – The Guardian (Mike Cruden, John Cooper),
  • FS 23 – Solo Flip (Chris Lowder, Brian Bolland),
  • FS 25 – Stasis (Charles Swift, Brendan McCarthy, Brett Ewins),
  • FS 26 – Space Bug (V Wernham, Jose Luis Ferrer),
  • FS 27 – Monkey (Alan Hebden, Mugallanes),
  • FS 29 – Tin Can (Mike Cruden, Jose Luis Ferrer),
  • FS 30 – Timeless Secret (SJ Grimes, Ramon Sola),
  • FS 33 – Dead Hit (Robert Flynn, Pierre Frisano),
  • FS 34 – The Illusion Man (Martin Lock, Pierre Frisano),
  • FS 36 – Nothing On Earth (Chris Lowder, Pierre Frisano),
  • FS 37 – Breaking Out (Jan Garczynski, Carlos Pino),
  • FS 41 – The Fourth Wall (Mike Cruden, John Cooper),
  • FS 43 – Date With Destiny (Mike Curden, Massimo Belardinelli),
  • FS 47 – Cold Kill (Mike Cruden, Garry Leach),
  • FS 50 – Dear Mum (John Richardson),
  • FS 55 – Colin’s Dream (Chris Stevens, Massimo Belardinelli),
  • FS 56 – Hand of Friendship (John Richardson)
2018 subscribers gift from 2000AD - Cam Kennedy

2018 subscribers gift from 2000AD - John Higgins

2019 subscribers gifts from 2000AD

2020 subscribers gifts from 2000AD

2021 subscribers gifts from 2000AD

2022 subscribers gifts from 2000AD


  1. Can’t help with the years but there was a second Future Shock book, and (pre-dating all of the above) a ‘Droid Life’ poster showing the whole of the Nerve Centre.

    I recall a poster of Mega-City One offered in the sub ads (I wasn’t subscribing at that point).

  2. Hi there! Good page, thank you. One thing: I think the Tharg 'Squaxx Dek Thargo' badge was one of the 2019 gifts, not 2022. Cheers!