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21 March 2023

Celebrity comics - Rupert

I've occasionally looked at publisher Celebrity comics in the past...

Count Duckula is here
The wisdom of gnomes is here
Wanted is here

And there may be other titles out there just waiting to be discovered. One such title that was new to me was their Rupert comic from 1989/90. There are a LOT of Rupert comics out there so I'm currently parking this in the 'too difficult' to deal with category. I'll return to it at some point I'm sure. In the meantime if you can help with any details do just get in touch.

Celebrity comic, Rupert, issue 1, 18th October 1989, 50p

Celebrity comic, Rupert, issue 5, 13th December 1989, 50p

Celebrity comic, Rupert, issue 8, 24th January 1990, 50p

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