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2 November 2023

UPDATED: Hawk Books - postcards

There's undoubtedly a post to be written about the comics reprint books that Hawk Books published in the late '90s but I'm going to start with something a little more esoteric first. Yes, it's the postcards that they produced. To be more precise, it's the postcards sets that they produced that I've found out about so far, there could be plenty of others out there that I know nothing about.

Updates in red below

Hawk books 6 postcard set - Nostalgia in the air

There's an advert I found here that shows what the 'Nostalgia in the air' postcards (above) look like and has an advert for a set entitled 'Bunter comes for Christmas' - my question that set different from 'Greyfriars Christmas series' (below) - it SOUNDS like it's different but it's hard to know for sure.

Hawk books 6 postcard set - Greyfriars Christmas series
As you can just about see from the scan above my set of these postcards is still in their original shrinkwrap so I can't actually show you what the crads look like. If I ever find a 2nd set I'll open that set and let you know.

Hawk books 6 postcard set - The Dan Dare collector set


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