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14 November 2023

UPDATED: Mike Dorey for 'Commando'

A further update to my guide to the Commando work of Mike Dorey - this issue is out now!

Commando 5697
That cowardly cad returns! From the pages of The Victor to Commando, Cadman the Fighting Coward looks skyward to escape the trenches - but he soon finds that life in the Royal Flying Corps isn't any easier or safer than on the ground!

Commando 5693
All aboard this horror train bound for doom! For an army soldier, a British sailor, and two RAF Airmen clambered on board but will any of them survive the eerie TRAIN of events about to unfold?!

Just a reminder that Mike's work is in one of the current issues of Commando - issue 5665 to be precise. Here's what the Commando website has to say about it... 

In comic pages for the first time since 1993, Cadman is back! Rebooting the classic Victor ‘hero’, original artist Mike Dorey takes up his brush to recreate more daring and dastardly Cadman adventures.

In the autumn of 1914, the Anglo-French and German armies launched a series of flanking manoeuvres towards the Channel, as cowardly cavalry Lieutenant Gerald Cadman tries to trick his captain into leading them away from the fighting. But every attempt to flee takes them into fresh action, while Cadman’s batman, Tom Smith, looks for ways to expose his deceptive master.

5665 - interior art by Mike Dorey, cover art by Mike Dorey & Neil Roberts

This issue of Commando is out today - good luck hunting down your copy!

To celebrate the news that Mike Dorey is returning to work on Commando I thought I'd better update my guide to his previous covers work for Commando (see below). Of issue 5595, Commando HQ have this to say...We're all very excited at Commando HQ, as legend Mike Dorey returns to illustrate his first new Commando comic since 1995! And what a return, in a thriller featuring spies, doppelgangers, and sabotage! Issue 5595 Spy in the Mirror is out soon! - QM

To celebrate getting my sole copy of Commando (featuring a cover by Mike Dorey) signed on Saturday, see below, I thought I'd present a gallery of ALL the covers that Mike did for Commando.

Here's part 1, part 2 is tomorrow, thanks to friend of the blog Colin Noble for the issue numbers and thanks to (mainly) ebay for most of the cover images...

2741 (reprinted as 5118)

2763 (reprinted as 4205)








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