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29 February 2024

Eric Parker pubs (part 1 of 2)

I've recently begun a lengthy series of blog posts all about renowned illustrator Eric Parker (check out his Wikipedia entry here) who had a 50 year (!) career as a comic illustrator.

I've looked at Roughs (part 1) here
Roughs (part 2) here
Roughs (part 3) here
Roughs (part 4) here
Female heads (part 1) here
Female heads (part 2) here
Female heads (part 3) here
Female heads (part 4) here

and now we turn our attention to the start of a series of illustrations of pubs...I'd love to think that some of these are for pubs that would appear in Sexton Blake stories but I can't be certain

Surely this is Sexton Blake (and Pedro the bloodhound) at a pub?

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