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28 March 2017

Serial Killer - now with free script signed by Pat Mills!

Breaking news from Pat Mills...
Happy Monday!

Our paperback sales of Serial Killer are going really well, which is brilliant, but also a bit of a surprise to us, because we thought paperback sales would be negligible, with most of our sales being ebooks.

We also shifted a Mek-tonne of paperbacks at the two signings Pat and Kevin did back in February for 2000AD's 40th. So that got us thinking: demand for a physical copy of the book is high, and lots of you couldn't make it to the 2000AD event or to the signing at Gosh! so ...

Why not sell signed editions of the paperback direct to fans? 

So that's what we've done.

We've set up a secure storefront on so that when you buy a copy of the book, at point of sale you get to add the text of the dedication that you want Pat to write.

But we didn't just stop there.

Pat also realised that many of you are interested in his comic scripts: you like to see the original script that the artist then brings to life. How the original compares with what makes it into the Prog. Hence, the 2000 AD Script Book.

So in light of it being the 40th anniversary year of 2000AD, we are:
giving away a signed and dedicated, one-off script
with every signed paperback of Serial Killer. 


But which script? I hear you cry.

Ah, we've got to hold something back, haven't we! All I'll say is: there is a choice of three scripts!

Pat's going to do a Facebook Live session on Thursday 30th March, at 6pm GMT, where he'll tell you more about the script giveaway, and also answer any questions you have about literally ... anything! Serial Killer. 2000AD. Marshal Law. Crisis. Whether he likes pizza (Yes, but without the cheese. He hates hot cheese).

So if you're on Facebook, tune in to our Millsverse page at 6pm on Thursday, to chat live with Pat. But don't worry if you miss it, because once it's over, we'll upload the saved video to our website.

That's all for now, thanks for reading, and I'll send out a quick reminder on Thursday before the broadcast.



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