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30 March 2017

What happened to the banned issue of Action that was for sale recently?

Action - the banned issue - for sale (yet) again

Previously ( I reported on the sale in October 2016 of the final issue of Action comic (dated 23rd October 1976). That was sold for £4110.75 (

This beat the hammer price of the previous copy (sold in May 2016) for £2555

Then another copy turned up, it was originally listed at £2,500...
but failed to sell - on 21st January 2017 for (bids from) £2,500;

It was then listed again ending 27th Feb 2017 for the reduced price of (bids from) £2,250
But again failed to sell.

It's been listed yet again, for bids starting from "just" £2,250

And this time it...failed to sell again, surely we're getting closer to a price reduction or a 'bids starting at 99p scenario'...

1 comment:

  1. Besides timing which no-one can predict I wonder if a starting price that is attractive might have something to do with it. The first one started at £750 and went up. That is certainly more attractive (attracting bidders!) than thousands of pounds (which just gets people looking at the 'news item')! Just my opinion...and I'd baulk at £10 for a comic these days!