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22 March 2017

Striker news paper strip volume 2

This is coming soo - details are still waiting to be announced but over on the StrikerWorld forum Pete has confirmed that plans for volume 2 of the complete collection are nearly complete

He says...
"What I can tell you is that Volume 2 of The Complete Collection will be ready to go on sale in the next couple of weeks. It's taken a little longer to compile than expected as some strips that were missing have had to be either sourced from the newspaper and restored or recoloured from the original strips."

Volume 1 had top notch production value - this is a heavy hardback book (300+ pages with 5 strips to a page) with high quality paper, a gloss laminated cover and it contains the first 21 stories plus an introduction to the genesis of the strip and a small introduction to each story as you go along.

Anyone used to the CGI images of Nick Jarvis is going to be disappointed by volume 1 (or 2) of the complete collection; on the other hand anyone who wants to see where it all began (and who can't afford or find the 2 Striker annuals that were released nearly 30 years ago) should be delighted with their purchase.

The price for this volume is yet to be confirmed, but as it will be in full colour (compared to black and white for volume 1) you should expect a price increase (or a page count reduction). More details as they are released.

The cover of volume 1

One of the original Striker annuals...

and it's still on sale here
for just £24 (or £29 if you want it signed)

I still can't wait for volume 2 - so why not support Pete and his efforts to preserve this bit of newspaper comic strip history?

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