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3 August 2017

Mike Dorey - storyboard artist etc.

Thanks to a tip-off from comics writer Alan Hebden I came across this site the other day

So head over here if you wish to hire an expert for an hour or two's of the creatives on the site (in fact the one that Alan was referring to) was British comics artist Mike Dorey.

He provides a number of sample illustrations, including one of his Computer Warrior pages (from new Eagle, see image 1 below) and a Rogue Trooper page as well. He worked on many British comics titles including new eagle Buddy, Scream, Speed, Tornado, Action and Enid Blyton's Adventure Magazine adaptations (see here and here for instance). And those are just the titles in my collections, I'm sure there are plenty more.

Mike's particular page can be found here. Good to see he's still active.

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