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15 August 2017

Wildcat - issue 4

Wildcat issue 4 is graced by an Ian Kennedy cover that is so far removed from the whackiness of the issue 5 cover...

David Pugh provides the art for a Loner pin-up poster

as well as some of his big, BIG guns...

And Jose Ortiz is still raunching it up on the Kitten Magee stuff - it wasn't like this when he was drawing Tower King y'know...

Strip listing
Turbo Jones - illustrated by Vanyo, writer unknown
Joe Alien - illustrated by Ron Smith, writer unknown
Kitten Magee - illustrated by Jose Ortiz, writer unknown
Loner - illustrated by David Pugh, writer unknown
Death on Wildcat [one-off story] - illustrated by Lalia, writer unknown


  1. Hi Richard, I think you've lost the cover insert!

  2. Hi Norman, thanks for the tip, I was on holiday last week but am back now and have fixed the problem cheers